About me

About me

Four Things About Me:

Four names that people call me: Jeanette, Netter, Wondermuffin, and Mom

Four places I have lived: Arizona, Utah, Europe, Washington DC

Four places I have traveled: Mexico, Russia, Europe, USofA

Four jobs I have had in my life: Cashier, Grill worker, Secretary, Substitute teacher

Four extra-curricular activities I did in school: Symphony (Violin), “Pit” Orchestra, Tennis Team, Spring Musical
Four current hobbies: Cooking, Sewing, Gardening, Reading
Four of my favorite foods: Brownies, Gala Apples, Sweet Potato Fries, a lot of Tex-Mex

Four goals for this year:  Make a quilt, Enjoy my homemaking tasks more, Read the books I’ve been collecting recently, Pack Owen’s lunch for kindergarten every day this fall

Four things I like about blogging: Having a creative outlet, Designing new headers, Keeping in touch with friends, Learning some programming skills