Are Self Storage Units A Good Investment? – Worth It?

green self storage unit lockers

Storage units can be an invaluable resource for both homeowners and business owners across America, used for an assortment of different purposes.

Need some extra room in the meantime while renovating your home or want to avoid transporting dorm room furniture back?

Self storage units offer space and convenience when you need them most.


Storage units provide homeowners with a safe space to safely store items they no longer need, such as furniture, clothing, and sports equipment. Furthermore, seasonal decorations, costumes, or lawn equipment may also be stored safely during off-season months.

Although Americans most frequent reasons for using self-storage include retirement planning, estate management, and living in apartments, these spaces can benefit anyone regardless of their reason for using them. Furniture, appliances, home goods, clothing, and toys are some of the items most often stored away in these spaces.

When selecting a storage unit, consider its size, features such as access hours and climate control, facility location, and whether or not your personal insurance covers stored items. Then rent one that best meets your needs so you can easily access them when necessary.

Business Owners

Contrasting with home offices that may be filled with distractions from children, pets, and neighbours, business owners may find more peace and productivity by working in a self-storage unit instead. This option is particularly advantageous for online retailers, who can store their inventory as well as branding materials at nearby facilities.

Self-storage businesses tend to boast strong brands that set them apart from competitors and make them stand out in a market. Their identity can also be seen through how they manage their facilities; adding a marketing website can increase the odds that potential customers find them through searches online.

Self-storage facilities can be an attractive and rewarding investment opportunity. When compared with other real estate investments, self-storage developments typically require only about one-third or one-half as much capital to break even on rents and occupancy; additionally, self-storage properties typically present fewer maintenance issues.


Self-storage units provide an invaluable short-term solution when transitioning between homes or apartments. Instead of constantly transporting items between homes or apartments, renting one monthly allows you to store any that no longer make the cut in an easily accessible location.

Based on your planned items for storage, you should carefully consider climate-controlled units, as they can protect delicate materials like leather furniture or vinyl records from being damaged by extreme heat or humidity levels. Although more costly, climate-controlled storage units provide valuable protection from temperature- and humidity-induced damage for items like these.

As for business owners looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to store documents and equipment while working from home or coffee shops, storage units may provide the solution they require. Just make sure the facility provides the access and services you require.

Storehouse interior filled with cardboard boxes


Students benefiting from self storage units can make more space available in their dorms or college apartments, enabling them to focus more effectively on their studies without feeling overrun by personal belongings or clutter. Self-storage units may also make moving easier if you live with friends until finding permanent accommodation becomes an option.

Student self-storage units provide an ideal way for students to store seasonal items like winter clothing and sports equipment, saving them the hassle of transporting these items back and forth to their dorms or apartments and potentially incurring extra transportation costs in doing so.

Students can save both time and money by leasing a student storage unit with a month-to-month rental agreement, giving them flexibility in terms of rental size and costs as their storage needs evolve. They can take extra steps to protect their belongings by packing securely before selecting a facility that offers insurance or liability waiver coverage.