Blue Light Glasses For The Workforce

glasses for blue light

Do you spend alot of time working in front of screens? If you are like us, a huge part of your working life takes place in front of a laptop, meaning a long time spent being exposed to the light from these devices. This high energy blue light that comes from screens can upset our body’s natural balance in a number of ways, as we found out on our journey of getting blue light glasses, which is the subject of this article.

blue light glassesBlue Light From Screens

So, why is the artificial light from screens so bad for us? Well, when we are exposed to blue light for prolonged periods, our eyes can become strained and tired, which means less productivity. It also may suppress melatonin production in our bodies, which is the hormone responsible for sleep.

What Is Melatoninsleep

Melatonin is also known as the “sleep hormone” and is produced by the pineal gland. It is also produced by other types of plants as well, but the production is much higher i humans and its effects more profound. This is the reason why melatonin is used by many people to get a good night’s sleep. The melatonin in our bodies regulates our sleep-wake cycle, and blue light can mean that our bodies end up going to sleep later and later. This is why many people who work predominantly in front of screens report insomnia, which is the term used when one cannot fall asleep.

screen glassesEnter Blue Light Glasses

So what can we do to combat this problem? Manufacturers have learned to design glasses for blue light that have a filter that covers just the front part of the lens. This filter can reduce or even eliminate the harmful effects of blue light on our eyes and help our bodies to regulate our natural cycles. So we do not need to worry about watching our screen time while working, playing or studying as long as we keep our eyes protected. And since these eyeglasses have a completely clear filter, unlike other glasses tints, so they can be worn inside or outside.

Why Blue Light Glasses?screen

First of all, let’s discuss why blue light glasses are necessary. Computers give off a tremendous amount of blue light, much more than the sun or any other light sources we usually deal with. Most blue light glasses are designed to only block the high energy blue light part of the spectrum that our eyes struggle to handle. The special lenses actually prevent the blue light from reaching our retina and being absorbed.

eye strainEliminate Eye Strain

Now that you have learned why blue light glasses are necessary, let’s talk about how they can help you reduce eye strain while you are trying to get work done. Many people experience eye strain while they are trying to focus on their computers and become irritated and frustrated at their inability to see clearly. These glasses can help you feel less stressed and improve your ability to stay awake and focused. In fact, many companies make specific blue light glasses just for this purpose. They typically feature clear lenses that filter out all of the distracting colours so you can see clearly no matter what you are looking at.

Health Benefitsblue light glasses

In addition to the use of blue light glasses to help you with vision problems, there are a number of other health benefits associated with wearing these glasses. For instance, certain research has shown that people who wear them report feeling less negative after exposure to certain environmental conditions. This includes exposure to different lighting and moods. This may help to avoid the occurrence of headaches and other symptoms that some people are susceptible to from environmental exposure.


While the above benefits may seem fairly unimportant, they actually play an important role in how you experience life. When you are stressed, your body releases chemicals that cause a number of different symptoms. These can include increased headaches and a reduction in the quality of your sleep. By wearing blue light glasses, you can eliminate the majority of these symptoms by filtering out blue light and allowing the rest of your sight to be clearer and more focused. These clear lenses can improve your quality of life without increasing your dependence on prescription glasses.