Car Trouble

People are serious about cars.

And by “people” I don’t mean myself or my spouse. I mean “other people,” the ones with more mainstream interests.

So, last night at book club I mentioned something about the van we’ll be buying from my parents when baby #3 arrives.

And someone asked, “What color is it?”

To which I responded, “You know, some kind of variation of silver, like my (current) car is.”

To which someone corrected something along the lines of, “Well your car isn’t really silver–its tan.” Which was followed by a ten minute debate over the color of my car, with five other women telling me my car is tan and me being the only one insisting that it is not a “bright” silver, but if it was parked between two bright silver cars I would still say, “look three silver cars in a row!”

If I had to identify it’s the base color it would be “gray,” but as a car, it is shiny and sparkly therefore I call it silver as opposed to gray, but I would not consider it “tan.”

Here for your consideration are a number of items I pulled from my kitchen this morning that I would also consider variations of silver, and if my four years old asked me what color that was I would say, “silver.”

Here they are on the hood of my car:

Hmmm. . . Looks to me like some of them blend right in.

Here, in comparison, is a jacket of Jeremy’s whose color I would call “tan.” It, on the other hand, does not blend right into the hood.

Now honestly, I used to have this same argument with a guy in high school. And the reason I still continue the argument today is not that I think it’s that big of a deal–in fact, I don’t think it’s a big deal at all. Which is exactly why I wonder why in the world other people find it so completely unacceptable that I call my car silver!

So, granted, last night’s conversation ended with me conceding that they better just go ahead and wait until we get our van and they can judge the color for themselves. But really, I”m curious, look at the pics I posted, and vote your opinion in the poll up on my sidebar.

P.S. If you vote “tan” I think we can still be friends, and if you think I’m nuts and/or stubborn, I hope you think we can still be friends!