How to Decorate a Table

christmas table

How to decorate the table for a special celebration

If you are influent in home decoration and like the idea to do it by yourself, you will like next ideas. This time of year is very conducive to a lot of events taking place. That is why we summarize in a few simple tips how to prepare and decorate the table for a celebration.

We always have a special occasion in which we want to show off a little more and make the table look beautiful. So take notes, because with four little ideas you will look like a true professional.

Surely among all of them you will find ideas for your wedding, a baptism, a communion, for a birthday or simply a party that you want to do at home. Write down these 4 key points that you must follow to decorate a table for any type of celebration.


As the first important point, think about what type of table you are going to set and who your guests will be. It is not the same to prepare a table for adults than for children. With the latter you have to be more careful and protect it a little more.

We are talking about special celebrations, therefore we discarded the idea of the paper or rubber type tablecloth, no matter how cute it is. As an exception it could happen for a children’s table, but if you can avoid it all the better.

Therefore, to cover and dress the table you have several options:

  • Protect the table with an oilcloth and place the cotton or linen cloth tablecloth on top.
  • Place a plain color cloth tablecloth and on top of it a patterned table runner, or vice versa. You can put the path horizontally, covering two diners, or vertically along the entire table.
  • Dress the table only with a few paths or with individual placemats, made of cloth or natural fibers
  • If the table is a beautiful piece and you want it to shine, then place a single element as an underplate to protect it a bit. It can be a conventional underplate, a wooden board, some large leaves, etc.

Regarding colors, it is a very personal decision. If it is a wedding, baptism or communion type celebration, table should be in neutral tones and give the touch of color with the other decorative elements.

If it is a more informal party, you can play with cheerful colors and all kinds of patterns.


Once you have chosen what type of tablecloth or element you are going to cover it with, it is the table service’s turn. Use your imagination and combine various styles, you will get a table that will not leave your guests indifferent.

The table service includes:

  • Crockery, which can be all from the same family or combine different dishes that are very original.
  • A glassware that depending on the type of celebration and the drink to be consumed will include different types of glasses.
  • Cutlery. We are in the same, depending on what food is served, more or less pieces will be placed
  • Saucers for bread. This is a bit to taste, if it is a very formal celebration I would say yes. If it is something more than being at home, you can replace them with some baskets with breads in the center every several diners.
  • Napkins. Always made of cloth, please… we leave the paper ones for the children in case or for when we get together with friends to watch football.
  • Napkin holder. It is not something fundamental but depending on which occasion it gives a more special touch to the service.

This would be a bit of “the essentials” when preparing and decorating the table for a celebration. Then you can add other elements such as bowls, bottles or jugs for drinks, cutlery supports … that depends on the needs and the type of table you want to prepare, more or less informal.


What would a festive table be without a nice decorations? If you like to decorate home by yourself, you can definitely handle this ob. Don’t forget to integrate two key elements into the table, some floral or vegetable decorations and soft lighting.

Use natural flowers, cacti and succulents or seasonal fruits for the centerpieces, you will love the result! Create compositions with planters or vases that are not too tall so that it does not obstruct the vision of the guests and the communication is fluid. Also be careful not to choose flowers with an odor that is too intense as it can alter the taste of the food.

Another essential element that should not be missing on your table is candlelight. Do not complicate yourself looking for some too elegant chandeliers, you can use glass containers, old bottles or some tiny sailboats. Place them all over the table and you will create a very special atmosphere.


Once you have the table decorated with your tablecloth, the ideal tableware, decorations and candles, it is time to prepare the final touches.

Last – those little details that make a celebration round.

There are details that often go unnoticed but that are as important as everything we have reviewed previously. Choose soft music in the background, personalize your guests’ place, present the menu, set up some nice chairs, take care with the presentation of the food, etc.

In short, become the ideal host and make the people who come to your celebration feel at home and never forget that special evening. And the most important…ENJOY IT!