Ideas For Decorations

We have to remember what the one of the greatest authors of 20th century Mr. Jorge Borges said: “Plant your own gardens and decorate your soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.”

Here Are Some Ideas to do By Yourself

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1. Earth, mustard and neutrals, the colors of the season

As in every season, the colors are renewed and, although there are some that will always last over time, because they are liked and chosen in each season of the year, there are others that become a trend depending on the time of the year.

This time, the most popular and chosen colors to decorate the home and give it an autumnal touch are earth colors, beige and brown, mustard or neutral.

If in the summer we bet on brighter colors and at the same time, pastel tones, in autumn it is time to change from chromatic to achromatic values and choose those that transport you to autumn, to dry leaves, to the earth.

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Therefore, it is time to bet on those colors with natural tones such as:

  • Beige: It will be one of the neutral colors chosen for the furniture or some decorative and complementary element such as cushions, rugs, etc. A color that will bring peace and warmth and will create harmony with other tones, such as gray or white, to achieve a pleasant atmosphere with a touch of winter.
  • Earth colors: They will be the most demanded this season, both in fashion or in home decoration. Its composition transmits warmth and natural and relaxing sensations, and they can be combined with multiple options. One of its variants will be the color of the maple leaves that fall in autumn, that color between orange and brown that will merge with the color palette of this season.

We can also find the mixture of brown with yellow, to create a perfect caramel color, ideal to combine it with other more neutral tones and make fascinating mixes with classic bronze and gold.

2. Corduroy and velvet: from your closet to your home

p>If we have to choose a fabric to combine and furnish our homes, without a doubt those that are back in fashion this season are corduroy and velvet. Those materials that feel so good in your clothing when it starts to get cold, will become fabulous on sofas, armchairs, cushions or carpets in your home. Of course, choose the correct combination well and do not rush to change or saturate the entire house. Try adding some cushions or bet on changing the armchair in your dining room, but do not choose dark colors. Before Christmas, it`s the best idea to decorate the home and then it is time to think about celebration table, where you will get together the whole family.

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You already know what the colors of the season are, so the key will be to know how to combine with just two or three colors. Another essential at this time of year are rugs, since in addition to decorating, they provide extra heat to your home to avoid having to plug in the heating at all hours.

If you choose them in velvet, you will have chosen a star element. See what color is your sofa or the furniture in your living room and find the shade that best fits. Also add a velvet blanket and some corduroy cushions and you will create a warm and comfortable room for autumn afternoons.

3. Candles and Mikados: Memories and nature through smell

The best of the environments is not achieved if you do not add an aroma that accompanies and fits perfectly with the time of year in which we are. And for that, candles and mikados are also imposed when decorating our home. Its smell and incandescence will make you feel in a warmer environment, managing to teleport to places through the essence they give off.

4. Scandinavian minimalism for guaranteed relaxation

If of all the types and styles of decoration that there are, we had to choose one, for this fall we would undoubtedly choose the Scandinavian combined with a minimalist touch.

Taking into account that in the winter the days get shorter due to the fewer hours of sun and, in turn, colder, this style will be the ideal to make the spaces more luminous, providing luminosity and a feeling of spaciousness. You can even put some small Northern lights detail to completely get into the Scandinavian style.

5. The tartan, the chosen pattern

When the cold season arrives, there are some prints that become a trend again, and the tartan, another year repeats its merit. This famous plaid that reminds the locals of that country or the time when our mothers dressed us to go to school, never goes out of style. It is a classic that never fails and, if you use it without overdoing it, it will give your home a very cozy point.

The first complement that comes to mind when we talk about this pattern is the typical sofa blanket, a tablecloth, or matching napkins, but the truth is that it can be found in various elements within a home: in a quilt, in the form of a carpet, in a curtain, or even if you dare, to upholster the sofas and armchairs in your living room.

6. Dry autumn flowers, plants and leaves

Autumn, when it arrives, is always noticed and you just have to go outside and see how our feet are flooded with the dry leaves that fall from the trees when we walk.

The dried leaves of that orangey earthy color are one of the most distinguished elements for this time of year and for this reason, they could not be missing when decorating a home following the trends of this season.

7. Decorative details with golden and copper touches

When talking about decorating a home, many times people decide to go for the basics and make a few smaller changes. Include some objects, change cushion covers or renew some art but without going any further, since sometimes, painting the walls or changing larger pieces of furniture usually entails a higher budget cost that surely many cannot afford.

8. Art on the walls


If you are one of those who renew the walls every year, and this time you have to make the change in autumn, you are in luck because this season the new trends to decorate walls are going strong.

Apart from painting the walls in a typical way, it is now fashionable to use wallpaper or take risks with new tones or textures such as brick.

This winter, brick walls are the must have of every stylish home. They will give a warm and sophisticated touch and will be the perfect point to break away from the classic white walls.

9. Bet on “Slow Deco”

The decoration of your home will also be part and fit with your lifestyle and, after spending almost four months locked up at home, due to confinement, we have learned how important it is to feel comfortable at home.

Therefore, a trend that is sweeping this autumn season is to follow a very personal style of decoration, such as Slow Deco, which means that decoration is used as part of enjoyment and rest, facilitating the uses of each room and making us feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease at all times.


As you can see, there are many ways to decorate a home and if you follow our advice and recommendations on home decoration trends for this fall, we are sure that you will get great results.

You do not need a large budget or a lot of time, because you see that there are options for everyone, and that will depend on you, choose one path or another. But you will see that giving a touch to your home, its presence will change and you will love it.