Our Family Introduction


Here’s Owen at Sweet tomatoes loving his ice cream cone. He is at such a cute age right now. We can really see his little brain working all the time. He is getting really good at anticipating what comes next. Like when we ask him if he wants to go outside and he runs to find his shoes. His favorite baby sign right now is “yummy” where he rubs his tummy whenever he gets something new to eat or drink. We just love Owen, and the time has come for Owen to get his very own playmate.

Yep, Owen’s getting a sibling. I’m pregnant! Now comes the part where I have to defend myself from all the accusations and “I thought you weren’t having any more ’till after Jeremy’s first year was complete!” It’s true. Jeremy and I both had made those comments. When Owen was only a month old we wondered if we would ever have any more children. (Life was tough.) As time went on I didn’t get what my OB called “amnesia,” in other words, I didn’t forget how hard it was at the beginning, but like life, after that stage continued on, I began to see what a small proportion of Owen’s life that time made up. So by about 6 months, I started thinking “Maybe I could do this again.”

As Owen grew up we started to see his little personality as well. Owen is a social bug! He loves other kids! When we saw Owen interact with other kids, we started to think about what Owen might feel about our family planning decisions. In the end, I began to think that a number of years down the road we might really regret not having a sibling closer to Owen’s age.

The point is we are really happy to be pregnant. “The Internet,” tells me we should be due [mid-April].

So, then we’re down to the question of the day: Why did I decide to start blogging? First, Jeremy has been saying for a long time that we should have a website for Owen. But with his quirky sense of humor, he wanted it to be full of links that don’t work. Well here’s the compromise a blog where we can put some cute pictures, tell some cute stories, and keep people generally informed. Second, blogging is the wave of the future. No actually, I just thought it would be nice for when we announce that we are pregnant for people (read: “my mother”) to be able to see other things that have gone on in my pregnancy and not feel like they missed out on anything. Third, I think it will be good for me, especially when the baby does come. To have a little outlet to express my feelings. Being far away from my family I don’t always get as much opportunity to just talk through my thoughts with someone, so this could help.
This is my blog, I’m going to do with it what I want, so it will be just journal-entry type things. I may take as much artistic license as I want. You are free to read it and use it to get to know me and some of my more personal thoughts better. If you think it’s boring, don’t read it. I don’t mind. Anyways, here we go!