Home Decoration and Styles

The furnishings are an essential part of any home decoration; in many cases, they also reflect our personality. For this reason, sometimes it is difficult to choose one or the other. Every year, trends in furniture tend to change, they adapt to the general needs and styles of society. When buying furniture, think not only about your character, but also what are the designs that are all the rage among people. Today we bring you some fashionable furniture that comes with force.

Styles and globalization

The fact of living in a globalized world allows us to have furniture and decoration from any part of the planet with just one click. Buying furniture online is something more and more frequent, without opening hours, without having to wait in endless queues, and without running into many people when you go shopping. Stores typically bring furniture home within 24 to 48 hours, depending on where you buy it from.

You can access very different styles very quickly: do you like Nordic-style furniture?

Classic, but modern and very close to nature, they combine woods and light colors with some dark tones. Are you more French? Well, dare with these furniture, which have a timeless beauty and are very elegant, usually made with very robust woods, noble, walnut or cherry, especially. If you want to travel to Italy, then opt for furniture with warm colors based on terracotta, beige, grille, etc., and that is rustic and made of wood. Asia? Then choose flat sofas, side tables, screens made of Shoji paper or embroidered silk, and always look for simple, clean and linear shapes.

Give your furniture a touch

home touch

Whatever country you go with your furniture, don’t forget that you can give them a romantic touch, with wooden chairs and tables, and light colors and sometimes pastel, such as beige, light brown or whites.

If your house is open, loft, buy all this furniture in a big way, the XXL size suits them very well. If your house is small, but you want to highlight an element, then just get a large piece of furniture. But only one! For example, an XXL sofa in leather or synthetic materials. Large floor lamps are also a safe bet.

Next, update yourself on some of the furniture that, regardless of its country or style of origin, is currently a trend.

Lamps and furniture with Viennese wicker

Viennese wicker is a very versatile material. We can find it in lampshades, sideboards or consoles. Its retro touch made it a protagonist in 2019, and it continues to maintain its trendy status. It presents an octagonal pattern that fits quite well with all kinds of furniture, and creates an atmosphere of elegance and, at the same time, warmth. Areas of the house such as the bedroom, the living room, or the office / work office are the most suitable for incorporation.

Modular furniture

Today, many houses and flats are small; This does not mean that their owners should give up style. Modular furniture is becoming the best ally not only for its practical and functional nature, but also for the wide variety of styles on the market. For example, modular sofas can be folded and transported very easily to other rooms in the house, or trundle beds with a built-in desk are very useful for small children’s bedrooms that already need a space to study. Whether in the living room, the dining room, or even the bathroom, modular furniture has become a must.


Very popular sofas for their spaciousness, marshmallows generally have four seats and an area with a corner. This is the perfect option for more or less large families that have enough space in the living room. There are a multitude of colors and designs to choose the one that best suits your home, from classics, fabric, to other materials, such as leather.

Past and future together and without fighting: Space Age chairs and Utrecht chair

The industrial and the futuristic are also in fashion. These chairs have curved designs and quite intense and bright colors, so they will add a touch to your living room and will take you to 2050. If you prefer to go back in time, but remain innovative, then opt for an Utrecht chair – one of the most famous creations from the legacy of architect Gerrit Thomas Rietvel. Designed in 1935, the Utrecht is one of the most beautiful and yet modern armchairs. A visionary, of course.

In short, if you are thinking of changing a piece of furniture in your house, or if you start from scratch, you have just moved, and you have to furnish your new home completely, let yourself be guided by these recommendations. Good luck!

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