That’s right–Pregnant. 5 weeks. Also confirmed yesterday by a massive emotional breakdown! I had a reason to be crying of course, but as I was crying I was thinking to myself “This is weird, it must be the hormones.” So yes, hormones are one of the first symptoms I am seeing, along with going to the bathroom more often, being tired, and a few other things I will spare you the details of.
So what is the first thing that you think of need with a new baby on the way? Well, I don’t necessarily know what it is but when you see a free crib leaned up against a dumpster you take it! It is actually not a full crib. It needs a dozen or so screws, a piece of plywood or something to hold up the mattress, and of course a mattress. I don’t know that I would want a second-hand mattress anyways. But still, plywood and a mattress are considerably cheaper than a crib, plywood, and a mattress. So we took it. It is worn dark wood color, so we will probably paint it. We already said that it can be our spring break project.
As for my big boy who’s here already. He’s all boy and we happen to live in every little boy’s dream apartment. In other words, we are immediately surrounded by a 12-hour a day 6-day a week construction zone. Owen’s favorite pose is, as you see him in the picture, propped up over the back of the couch to watch the back-hoes out the front window. He’s adorable!