This weekend we left the boys in the capable and enthusiastic hands of their Nonny, and Jeremy and I headed out to celebrate our sixth anniversary of marriage.

We drove to Topeka and checked in to our bed and breakfast: The Woodward.

Jeremy didn’t know quite how to respond to the “Head Butler’s” request to carry our bags. (We’re only staying one night–they aren’t heavy!)

We looked around the mansion a bit and then helped ourselves to the dessert bar before heading out to dinner. (You have to make the most of time spent without kids around!)

For dinner, we went to Chez Yasu a little French restaurant we’d found a recommendation for. At 5:45 Friday night we got the last table available for the rest of the weekend. We were basically at a single table pushed up next to a window in the foyer, but we didn’t care–we were grateful to have gotten a table at all. And it was worth it. We ate every course (except wine) and stuffed ourselves to the brim.

Jeremy will be mad at me for not saying more about the food, but I’m really not a food writer. I’ll just say it was all delicious and involved scallops, mushrooms, lemon, lettuce, tomato, vinaigrette, goat cheese, duck breast, peppercorns, veal, capers, strawberries, chocolate, cream, and of course bread. I refused to leave until I’d eaten every piece of the crusty bread in the basket (our second).

We got to watch some of the Olympics opening ceremonies because we specifically got a room with a TV in. Not that we knew it was going to be the Olympics when we scheduled it, but we’re just cable-deprived. (We’re also excited about watching cable in the hospital room when I have the baby too–pathetic!)

We had a list for the morning of Topeka shopping we wanted to do. It included Toys-R-Us for birthday shopping, a Games Workshop store that never actually materialized, and Daddy Cakes cupcake shop!

Online it said they were open 11-7 or until they run out, so we wanted to go early. In this picture, you can see that it’s only 11:20. We’d already been waiting 5 minutes at the point I took this picture and we waited longer. There were 8 people in front of us in line when we got there, and they were already sold out of one kind of cupcake!!!

It’s a funny little stand-alone shop in the middle of a strip mall, but it was really fun.

We bought six cupcakes (I could say one for each year, but we weren’t that clever at the time.) And we ate bites out of each of them on the drive home instead of stopping for lunch. (We were celebrating!)

Our favorites were probably the “Grasshopper:” a chocolate cupcake with a chocolate ganache, topped with mint flavored frosting, and a sprinkling of crumbled Andes mints; and the “Triple Threat:” a chocolate cupcake with chunks of chocolate in it and cherry filling, topped with almond flavored frosting and sprinkled with coarse sugar and sliced almonds.

Of course, we had plenty of help finishing the cupcakes when we got home.

Really, it was a great little getaway.

Jeremy got me a new pillow for my poor pregnant body. And he designed and had this pillowcase printed up at a place in town. It’s modern and clever. Jeremy’s gift was a new gaming book. We’ve never been super big on anniversary gift-giving. Probably because we’ve not really had the money to go out and do something together and buy presents. We prefer going out and doing something fun.

(Thanks for giving us the opportunity mom! See you when the baby comes!)