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What to Cook with Eggs

Spring is here, and Easter is near. That means it’s time to take advantage of the big sales on eggs at the grocery stores. That is if you aren’t lucky enough to have your own laying hens.

We love our backyard flock. There’s something amazing to be said for the feeling of walking 10 feet out your back door and returning with nutritious food. With three hens we get approximately 2-3 eggs a day or 18 eggs a week. Well, what in the world do we do with our 18 eggs a week?

Whatever we want!

Eggs are useful in so many different ways. As we are exploring all the uses of our eggs I thought it would be fun to catalog them and create a new recipe feature on my blog:

First, for the curious (or skeptical) our eggs are consistently the size of normal grocery store “large” eggs–sometimes even bigger.

This will vary based on the breed of chicken you have, but for us, we can use our eggs in baking recipes without any concern.

At first, we stored our eggs in old egg cartons, but those break down over time, so recently we found this fun thing in the camping section:

It’s sturdy, stackable, reusable and holds a dozen eggs. Jeremy marked one end “NEW” with a sharpie and we rotate the eggs down as we use the “older” ones. And when the carton is full that means it’s really time to make something.

Below please find a listing of things we have made using our eggs. I will link the recipes as I add them, along with adding more recipes, then they can be accessed as a group by clicking on the “Using Eggs” button on the top of my blog.

(I’m not sure about how to organize the categories so it might change)

French toast
Scrambled eggs
Soft-boiled egg
Swedish pancakes
Cowboy Toast

Egg-salad sandwiches
Hard-boiled eggs
Huevos rancheros
Poached egg salad

Cheese Souffle
Pasta carbonera
Baked eggs in marinara

Creme Brule
Meringue topping
Meringue cookies
Cream puffs

Egg wash for bread and pastries
Coating ingredient for frying shrimp etc.

Not to mention all the baked goods from pancakes to cookies that use eggs as one of a dozen ingredients.