What to Look for in Tarmac Surfacing Contractors in The UK

city road on a Scottish street with flats and parked cars on either side

Tarmac (tarmacadam in its formal name) is an essential material used in road construction by tarmac surfacing contractors for surfacing projects and is also popularly chosen for driveways, footpaths, and tennis courts.

Tarmac is an amalgamation of tar (a black, sticky organic binder) and macadam (a form of road construction utilising layers of compacted stone). Modern versions use bitumen instead of tar for this process.

Read on to learn more about what to look for in a tarmac surfacing contractor service and whether a road lay personal investment is right for you.

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Accreditation or certification

Accreditation or certification shows that the tradespeople you hire take their work seriously, investing both time and energy in developing their profession. As a result, you’re more likely to receive quality workmanship on time and within budget with minimal disruptions to your schedule.

Accredited tarmac surfacing contractors are more likely to follow best practices and complete all their work safely. They should conduct in-depth risk analyses prior to beginning, with contingency plans ready in case any unexpected issues arise during their project. This ensures a safe worksite environment for their staff as well as anyone else who might come into contact with it during its execution.

Insurance from top tarmac contractors will protect against accidental damages during their projects, particularly if working with large machinery and vehicles, which could cause costly damage if handled incorrectly.

An outstanding tarmac surfacing contractor should possess both accreditation and the proper licencing and insurance to operate within their state or region, so if this is missing, it is wiser to seek another service.

Not only should a reliable tarmac contractor be licenced and registered with their state, they should also be bonded and insured, which provides added peace of mind that they are legitimate and will fulfil their contractual agreement. In case there are any claims to file against them for whatever reason, their coverage should cover these costs as well.

RPH Surfacing is Avetta certified, which is an international prequalification system used by organisations worldwide to verify supplier compliance. We’re also accredited with CHAS (the UK health and safety assessment scheme). Constructionline members also ensure we meet industry and government standards, while Avetta certification allows buyers to easily evaluate us without needing lengthy negotiations with other suppliers.


Experienced contractors excel at their job, possessing both the knowledge and skill to perform quickly, efficiently, and to an excellent standard while being prepared to manage any challenges that may arise in a project.

Experienced tarmac contractors will have vast expertise in various surfacing projects, such as driveways, car parks, and industrial roads. Their services will cover everything from surface preparation and installation of new surfacing material through maintenance and repairs, as well as advice about which material best meets individual requirements and needs.

Tarmac is composed of crushed stone, sand, and tar, which can be laid over existing surfaces to create a durable and hard-wearing surface that’s both cost-effective and fast-installed. Tarmac can also be laid quickly and easily compared with resin systems, making it perfect for car parks, driveways, and commercial surfacing projects like filling station forecourts, where maintenance only involves biannual sweeping and power washing! Tarmac requires little in the way of regular care, with just biannual sweeping or power washing required!

Resin surfacing options tend to be more costly, yet they offer an elegant and contemporary appearance. Resin can be customised with logos or designs created from resin, and because it drains water quickly from its surface, it makes for ideal solutions in driveways or car parks.

JP Surfacing recently completed our large driveway repaving job quickly and professionally; their team arrived promptly with everything needed and set right to work right away, keeping us informed throughout. We couldn’t be happier with their service or result; highly recommended!


When hiring someone to work on your property, whether that be sealing your driveway, paving a parking lot, or resurfacing roads, you need to know they will do a quality job. Check their reputation, request referrals from acquaintances, and even visit their website in order to learn more about them. Additionally, ensure they carry adequate insurance to protect against unexpected events that might arise.

An asphalt contractor must carry commercial general liability (CGL) insurance to cover any potential injuries sustained as a result of their paving projects, such as medical costs, repairs or replacement costs, and legal fees related to lawsuits alleging personal injury, property damage, or even libel or slander. Contractors with substantial exposures might want to add umbrella liability policies in addition to their CGL.

Consider small business liability coverage. This policy protects against damages that your employees cause to third-party property that does not belong to your company. For instance, if a worker accidentally ran a spray wand through one of your customer’s car windows while applying fresh sealcoating to your parking lot, this type of policy would cover the costs to repair or replace their car.

Asphalt paving companies should strongly consider purchasing property insurance to safeguard their equipment, tools, and materials against theft, fire, flood, or any other dangers that might strike their place of business or client properties. Some policies even offer extra coverage for vehicles in transit or being stored at job sites.


workers placing new coating asphalt road

Reputation is of utmost importance when selecting a contractor to do high-quality work, such as tarmac surfacing. A top company should have an outstanding track record in providing exceptional customer service and finishing jobs on time and within budget, plus have strong working relationships with local councils and trade associations in order to uphold standards set.

Johnson Surfacing are Derbyshire Trusted Traders and members of the Federation of Small Businesses, boasting an extensive client list and providing references upon request. Their team is experts at transforming and repairing existing driveways, multi-use games areas (MUGA) courts, and playgrounds, as well as installing new lining requirements and thermoplastic markings if required.

Swift Surfacing is a professional surfacing contractor with the experience and know-how to complete virtually any type of surfacing project. Their team specialises in pothole repair, surface treatment, drainage solutions, footpath construction and repair, and kerb repairs and replacements. Their practices can also be adjusted according to each site or project’s unique requirements.